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This thread is for keeping up with the latest Ikemen development news.  
Any discussions about the engine and it's progress can go here.

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• Latest version's change log:


THE (UN) OFFICIAL IKEMEN 2017 CHANGE LIST Engine Update by - SUEHIRO Change list

compiled by - TheFclass97

*Note: ". List of commits" These changes were listed from Suehiro's Ikemen wiki It ranges from Feb / 11/2016 all the way to Feb / 21/2017 (over a year!).
Most of these are changes to make more mugen related content more compatible and possible bugs fixed! Just to let ya know ... it's all in Japanese. But it's alright! If you need a much more in depth look at the changes (like the actual coding) please go here (from Page 4 to 1): https://osdn.net/users/supersuehiro/pf/ikemen/scm/commits

explod of velocity Apply One It did not delay frame
Modify the damage process during the pause
Angledraw of trans Fix but has become obsolete
Three Channel of WAVE There has not been able to error
Full color PNG Modify the simple reading of
Read the size of the image data is Four Bytes were many
air Corresponding to the scaling of the rotation
Explod of angle Only the corresponding
Modify the funny part
Delete meaningless to duplicate processing
riffSize For some reason but 0xfffffff8 Processing Consider the case of
Actually read and modified to become error
commandBufReset The second argument of it was meaningless
Spr I made a will sprite In order to prevent that the behavior of those to be read then rewritten change Air.gethit.groundrecover.groundlevel I did not read
1.e-1 Fixed can not read, such as

+ 1 time Fixed can not read, such as + 1 (time) Fixed can not read
Modify the analysis of expression

Binary operator can not After incubation location before the case of the

right-hand side is a number that can not be before After standing
location in the case of comparison of the range that can be even before prefix notation also rear prefix notation

Fixes and left to become an error that it is the numbers in the postfix operator,! = A that is not an error to continuously Fixed right in the pre-operation does not result in an error in the numbers
| There was overlap
Fixed incorrect brackets is not in error

Fixed name of the helper is not in error even if it is not enclosed in double quotes Modify the place that was worrisome
Delete a meaningless code
Fixed had become meaningless code

Delete unnecessary processing
Tarans of add When add1 Modified to read only the alpha of the source Add1 Was a blend of the destination
" Handling of the string enclosed in vain
Modify the scroll at the time of zoom


It is an error to the left and the right with a number to two consecutive binary operators can not be before After

incubation location even if they are enclosed in brackets

verticalfollow = 0 Fixed shifted to expand in stages
Adjust the vertical scroll at the time of expansion
verticalfollow = 0 So as to reduce even to jump each other when the
So that it can be the funniest thing about error even old-fashioned place
Invalid! = It was also able to error
! Etc. If you are writing in the back was also to let out the error Air.gethit.airrecover.mul It was not enabled
verticalfollow = 0 Modify a portion to be in black-painted shaking of expansion at the time of the screen Def Modify to read the file
Of the stage add1 Modify the
Slightly modified
It was to share the texture of the palette of string drawing
The beginning of the string was useless is when the blank
The processing of the camera together just a little bit
Enemynear There has not been cached
That are not updated variable init So as to assignment at the time of the
posReset The argument unnecessarily
Delete of meaningless function
Delete unnecessary things
AI It did not clear the command

Gametime Move or to update a relatively easy-to-understand location, integration of functions that had been divided by the strange name of the function

Helper reversaldef Fixed consecutive hit to
Rewriting the function call of the same meaning
Change with no modifications to the various operations
Fixes and helper to force down, that the did not reset the life bar of face Completely invincible was to darken the green

Modify the place I wanted to be a confusing writing

Zoomdelay Fixed had become ineffective

And the reflection of the display of the modification of additive synthesis, various organized

And the recovery of the line disappeared, code cleanups

ss.as ~ anim ~ ani.salpha = (int) ((float) ss.as ~ salpha * (float) refl / 255.0); Why the top has been removed imperceptibly

postype left And Aix Fixed-flop load does not move, such as, removal of waste processing of and definitions Fixed a display of no palette file character
Delete the unnecessary processing
Full-color palfx Modify the

Palfx Process was a little rewrite of Such as deleting unused variables
Bom I had been to the moon
Trivial modification

Allpalfx Modification of the display and the font, xscale Modification of the processing of the When is negative Delete unnecessary processing

Modifyexplod so trans Fix but being forced to reset
Modify the auto guard
snap In Fixed can not bind
The display time 0 Modify the process of animation, including the following frame 177 It is Eight Was Susumu

Generation immediately after the helper id And deletion of meaningless process of bit inversion a, animelemno Modification of A full-color image PalFX Fixed did not work

if (shader == g_mugenshaderFc) {drawQuads (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1);}

Part of the above, do not know what to do because there is image and for some reason you do not do this if it is their environment has not been displayed

At run time for speeding toLower And so as not to
hitvel The movetype! = h And Fixed was enabled when, SDL Update of
Fixed compilation fall with a large amount of the trigger
Bom Delete
Turns Fixed had a load of unnecessary stage when in random stage
The width of the game at wide for yourself 320 Option to be fixed to
Naturally default is false
After all, the range of movement of the character was to be the remains wide. At the same, cameraps y Modification of StopSnd Modify the
misstime = 0 of projectile Modify the processing
Modify the turned around, etc.


Other than at the end / Modify the processing of command to get the Delete unnecessary processing
Helper Modify the redirect
Fixed a freeze when you close the window while loading Modify the reading of the alpha value of anime

Fix, such as the shadow of the stage
Modify the shadow is not to fade out libpng Update of 


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Engine updated on 03/20/17 (changelog translation courtesy of Fclass):



Ver 2017.03
Fix not hit by priority of reversaldef
Fixed the rotation reversed when angledraw is negative display scale
Fixed that ctrl is forced to 0 when KO is done
Fixed that command entry of keyctrl helper command is not independent
Fix unhittable of superpause
Corner push does not work unless it is perfect for the screen edge
Fixed that bindtoroot etc. becomes invalid during hit pause


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