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Gameplay Mechanics for my Custom Style


Air Recover or Burst?  

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Many of you know me for my edits of other peoples creations but at some point I want to start working on custom creations. One of the problems I have at the moment is deciding the gameplay style, I have many of it thought up but I'm not 100% sure if everything is good. So I'm asking you for help. (I'm planning to use this style for a full game too)


What I have so far:

My characters will use 6 attack buttons and a taunt button

Most if not all characters will run forward

Jumping mechanics vary from character to character, some characters have no air jumps while others have multiple.

Air dash and if back hop or back run also varies.

You are able to Air Recover by pressing two punches at the same time with an indicator appearing when it is possible. (Might change to Burst)

The combo system is almost identical to Marvel VS Capcom

The Infinite prevention system is similar to Skullgirls where if the system detects repitition, the enemy will be able to Air Recover/Burst

A Parry exists as an alternate guarding option

A guard counter that takes half a power bar and does about as much damage as a special can be activated if you press two punches while guarding.

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