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Add004 patch: Alternate Powerbars in Team Mode!


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Add004 patch: Alternate Powerbars in Team Mode!

For those who wish to try, place this in the add004 folder in data of your add004 MUGEN/IKEMEN.
This common01.cns enables alternate powerbars for team battle mode! The powerbars are selected by palette, since for the add4 standard in the past, there was in fact 2 extra bars.
Mind you it's experimental as I am also trying for tag mode as well. Hopefully I can do it and properly, but in the meantime, Enjoy!!
Vid should be be coming soon! if anyone else wants to make one for posting do so plz!
A bit of details of what these other bars do.

For the left (Pal 3,6,9,12) are SVC/Samsho type bars. This bar enables energy for the powerbar by blocking and getting hurt, with Just Defend for additional energy/damage cancel. 50% energy grants lvl 1 supers, while MAXIMUM gives the lvl.2-3 attacks at the cost of 50% energy (This part has the bar draining as well, and I think this also increases the damage for lvl 3 Idk for sure).

the Right (Pal 2,5,8,11) are SFA/KOF Based. This mode has parrying for healing a smidge of life. you start with only lvl.1 attacks at Max. When your life is at 25%, Max becomes super, the power bar slowly regenerates to full, and gives lvls 2-3 attacks.

Have fun guys :D

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