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Black FX on certain characters



Someone help me. This weird thing that's been happening to a few of my characters in my roster is that some of there fight FX have suddenly turned pitch black, despite not doing so a couple of days ago, most noticably on Monokuma by Roadside (His claw FX) and Nitori by Seravy (The aura around the spellcard selection).

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about.




I don't know the cause of the problem. Does anyone know what's causing this and how to fix it? 

If these matter, my MUGEN version is 1.1 and my resolution size is 640 x 480.

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2 hours ago, Darkflare said:

Do you remember the last thing you did when this error happened?

Well, I think I was adding some characters, stages, and testing out a new lifebar when I noticed it happening.

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