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Hawkgirl by skhsato123, bradern666, fron84

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Hawkgirl by skhsato123, bradern666, fron84






Hi guys! In collab with you I´m leaving here two quick fixes I made of Hawkgirl and Loki, I really love both chars and I thought I could help a little to make them even better. I didn't changed the original concept since I think that would be really unrespectful to the creators, I just made tweaks, realigned sprites, fixed some hitboxes and animations, balanced damage, improved combo dinamics (now Loki does combos, maybe a bit slowly but he does), etc, etc. In Hawkgirl I added the missing required sprites, and, speaking of sprites,  tried to do something about the "pixel" issue, I think she looks a bit cleaner now, of course she's still needing work in that part. Anyway, hope you like them! , they didn't change conceptually at all. In case original creators want me to retire these chars, I'll do it inmediately. Enjoy!




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