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MvC Jedah by -Whiplash-

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Arcade Classic Regular


Arcade Classic Regular


Hey guys, a couple of you might've noticed I was asking some coding questions recently and this is why. I wanted to have a jedah in MVC style (no, KONG's doesn't count) so I resolved to make my own, however, having very little knowledge I decided to just make a patch on the best Jedah I know: Baby bonnie hood's and Deuce's. So, here it is, most of the code is taken from other people's works, but it should run without much of a problem.

I've put my Readme in the following spoiler tags. PLEASE READ IT BEFORE COMMENTING saying something like " you stole a bunch of code!" I KNOW I DID, this has been a great learning experience for me actually, I may try to learn more code from this and see where it goes, also, if anyone knows how to fix/or do something I listed I couldn't do in the readme or some effects I forgot, please tell me.



Hi, This is whiplash and this my FIRST EVER "coding" job.
I put "coding" in quotations because VERY, VERY little of this is my own code, most the code is by Baby bonnie hood,
Deuce, Splode, Beximus, aa250 and hsiehtm.

--------------------- WHAT'S NEW/DIFFERENT --------------------------

Commands have been changed SLIGHTLY, the half circles have because QCB or QCF Motions because I hate half circle motions on a keyboard.
He now has a launcher.
All his specials should be able to chain into hypers, basics should go into specials, etc.
He now has MVC1 hitsparks
a Hyper portrait and background were added as well as some sound effects
His air heavy punch/kick now cause a hard knockdown in the air.
he can now fly in the air. The fly has also been reworked to be more "Mvc-ish"
He can now cancel into fly mode from his basics on the ground or in the air.
His damage output has been lowered.
the hitboxes on his blades have been made bigger to more accurately match the animation.
Prova=di=Servo is now a level 3, does about 460 damage and reheals about 230 HP.
Finale=Rosso now hits fallen opponents.

--------------------- Known issues --------------------------
You can fly infinity by activating the fly command during an attack animation.
There is probably a TON of debug spams because I, Quite honestly, have barely any idea what I was doing.
I probably missed some effects from MVC1 that I should add, I know for certain the super jump lines are missing,
because I couldn't seem to add them without jedah cloning himself so I just gave up for now.

--------------------- Thanks --------------------------
Baby bonnie hood and deuce for their GREAT Jedah, without which this character would not exist.
Beximus for his excellent MVC1 characters and some code from his karin.
hsiehtm for his great morrigan and some code from her.
aa250 for his great magneto and his flight code which I used.
Splode for captain commando. my absolute favourite character to play as in MUGEN and a lot of code was used for the hyper background.
Capcom for Making MVC and Jedah, a great character I wished to see in MVC3 but sadly that didn't happen and instead we got Hsien-ko.
R2ce45 for his great patches that inspired me to make this character. also helping me figure out how to work the hyper background for his finale=Rosso.


Arcade Classic Regular


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