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Stimpy Update Final


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This is the Stimpy update update.


UPDATE (11/21/2016): 1.1 Edited
-Edited Killer Cadogen from power laser in Catme-Hame-Ha!
-New sound Boom by SrPelo
-New Lose to Ren: You Eediot!
-Edited Sprites Good
-Final Update
REALESED (07/25/2016): 1.0 Edited
-Added State -3 Squished sound.
-Configured History Eraser Button, to demage = 150, 6 hits.
-Configured Animations, Codings and Sounds
-Configured State Common
-Configured Comands
-New's Voice Ren & Stimpy: Time Warp
-New's Sounds
-Sound and Voice Fixed




Special thanks:

John Kricfalusi - For creating The Ren & Stimpy Show.
Nickelodeon - For owning Ren and Stimpy.
Fighter Factory 3 for where do I begin
WlanmaniaX for creating Stimpy.
Paul999 for editing Stimpy, for giving permision.

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