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[GC] Phantasy Star Episode I & II Plus


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Gameplay at 7:00 PSOEP I&II Is about you a Hunter exploring the world of Ragol after a large explosion occurred at the flagship colony Pioneer 1 during communications link up with Pioneer 2. While exploring you find out the mysteries of the planet and what happened to Pioneer 1 and its inhabitants. I fucking love this game, if that wasn't evident by how many hours I put into it. If my Gamecube didn't need to be dusted I'd play it more. I would send out recommendations to play it but not too many people would sit and enjoy such an old game. The thing about this that is different from the Dreamcast version is that it includes all the online only quests, episode 2, and Gameboy-link bonuses like the Tails chao for SA2B. Some special items too but I don't know the details on that. Episode III was such a drastic change in gameplay I shunned it at the first trailer and never considered it since.
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Sure it helps to be online, plus there are rarer items. Thing is you would be spending like $100+ just to set it up and not including paying for the Hunter's License that you have to pay like $16/mo for. Wasn't worth it to me since I didn't have a job back then and had to scrape around for money and/or trade in games to get other games. Tohno just go make a BB topic already, this is about EP 1&2 Plus. If I still had SA2B I'd show you the Tails Chao, it has the coif of his hair, his coloring, two tails, and never stops flying. You can check youtube though.

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I played the PC version this weekend (beaten Volt Opt for story mode and De Rol Le just for the heck of it, got to backtrack and active the pillars). Yesterday I leveled up a bit the GC version to make my way to De Rol Le (lol again) and beat the Black Paper quest soon. And right now I just played 1h of PSZero.

Too much Phantasy Star?

Screens I took (more scheduled to be automatically uploaded this Saturday)

Why a hunter is using pistols? To beat the easier levels faster to unlock the higher difficulties

Hey, can somebody tell me how to import screens from the GC version?

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