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Special Forces TrainingRoom (HR MUGEN STAGE) by Sannamy

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Special Forces TrainingRoom (HR MUGEN STAGE) by sannamy



Free to download (Still WIP)
(This is a mugen stage I made just for fun.)

it's compatible with mugen 1.0 and with MKP4.1 (the Borg Edit).

The stage features:
-Light and Shadow FX.
-Animated FX, animated monitors, Street stage hologramas.

Things planned for future releases, but not implemented yet:
-More Holographic stages avaible.
-Flying machines maybe, who knows.
I'm open to ideas.


How to download:


Special thanks to Ryoucchi the christmas goddess. Drop to your knees, retches. Lest the Krampus get us all.





Special Forces TrainingRoom (HR MUGEN STAGE)


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