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King of Fighters '96 problem



If you've been following me on the MUGEN Guild Forums, then you'll probably know what i'm asking. If not, then i'll explain it here. I'm trying to rip the audience from Athena's stage, but i can't get rid of the battle ground without getting rid of the audience. I tried Kawaks, I tried NeoRageX, and none of them worked. How do i get rid of the battle ground?

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The school girls are part of the floor sprite and you cant remove them and you need to do a bit of gimps skills and sprite edit and remove the bars and floor around them there no other way but to do it that way


here an example on what I am talking about

I took the time and I rip these images my self by using Nebula emulator. But I had to sprite edit by removing pipes and floor around them and I had to work around there shoe.  but I think you get the general idea right ? also you have to do it for each  8 frame animation for the school girl





After the pipe and floor is been removed




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14 hours ago, RedDragonCats17 said:

So i have to remove the floor by hand. That's gonna be tough for me.


This stage was going to be a CPS2 stage, but considering that there are no school people in any of the CPS2 fighting games that i know, i'm gonna have to go with this.

its not hard its just  have to use your imagination on where the shoes are draw out of them. at the bottom of there shoes, just carefully remove the extra stuff around them 


 because I am very nice old man. I took the time and made this for you.

just be sure to credit me for what ever you are planing to do you with them


Here the pcx and also the animation code for them.



And here a demonstration of the animation in action lol young people these day of ages give up so easy without even trying haha just saying dude and Enjoy:rightyouareplz:



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