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font of the text in the options mode

Kaze No Ken


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And also  if you are planning on adding your own True Type Font for the Options. You can do it as well from the Option.def that located on the Font folder and you can control Size of the True Type Font on the Option.def and this will also works on mugen 1.0 and 1.1 and by what Ryon said as well with this, you can have both the same method :) you can take a good look at my 3 screen pack that I made to give you an idea and on what Ryon said  :D

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I have the same issue. I entered 1280 x 720 for both mugen.cfg and system.def and still the same issue. The font is a bit bigger though once I modified those settings but still not as they should be. My background is 320x240 but it stretches properly. So where could this come from?


Edit: Problem solved. In my options.def, my Type was "Type = truetype font" whereas it should be "truetype" with no "font". I got a headache trying to find that!! Hope it'll help future mugeners!

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This topic is old, but I'm having the problem as well. I've established the resolutions in my mugen.cfg and system.def are the same, and everything is spelled correctly. It may be related to my attempt to use an Open Type font, but I don't know for sure...

Here's what my font/options.def says:


[FNT v2]
fntversion = 2,00
name = "Makinas Scrap 5"
author = "unknown"

Type = opentype
Size = 6,11
Spacing = 1,0
Offset = 0,0
File = Makinas-Scrap-5.otf
Blend = 1


The font is font/Makinas-Scrap-5.otf

I'll be worrying about size, spacing, and offset after the font is working (unless therein lies the problem)

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