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Fight for Dracula: Reborn by Vegaz

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Dem Bats Tho


Ah...memories. ZombieBrock, a good friend of mine released a cool original stage. He got a lot of praise for it, but most insisted that it should be animated. I was kinda new on the scene, but I thought it'd be a good test to see if I could pull it off. I asked him and he gave me the green light. So...I did...with some cool upgrades of my own. It was the first time he and I colabed and would lead to a few others as well. That was 4 years ago. 2 years after that I released an update with zoom, but I knew I wasn't finished with it yet. I kept hinting at Brock and my homie Alpyne, who also kut 2 tracks for it during it's first release, that I had a plan to do another update. But I needed to be sure that I could code it correctly. I've learned a bit since then, and I decided to put what I learned to good use. Since I showed up I always tried to improve bit by bit. It's a slow grind, but it keeps me motivated. Learn something. Fine tune it. Move on. I could probably go a little faster but...yah know...real life. But here we are. Updated custom stage with superjump, animations, zoom, looped bgm's galore(The original track by me, 2 tracks by Alp, and a new track by me as well), and a special treat for those who pay attention to Dracula in the back. I haven't posted such a wordy post in a while, but this one is special to me. Now enough of the sentimental stuff! Let's Fight!

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