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SSB4 Mario


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Hello, now here is a new edit done by me that is a Chibi Size Mario char with Super Smash Bros Gameplay. The original char was done by mariotime and the great spritesheet by Gregarlink10.




The char features SFFv2, so you will not see .act files of the palletes. The palletes are: Normal/SSB4, Fire, Inverted, Brawl, Wario, Green and Black.














Download Link





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27 minutes ago, Big Green said:

You may wanna host this character on a site other than Sendspace, as under certain circumstances, your file will be deleted after a month. If you want, I can host the character for you.

Oh Thanks, If you want upload it I will put it in the post :)

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Okay so It wasn't just me who got that! But you know it's not your fault! :D


3 minutes ago, Big Green said:

I got virus warnings from trying to download this file, preventing me from doing so, but it isn't your fault. Sendspcae does that often.


For future refrence, check this thread for sites you could use to host the character. I can give recommendations if you want.


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Sweet, a Mario edit with Crusade sprites. Always nice for more decent chibi Marios. Hopefully all the glitches in mariotime's original character got fixed, like the lack of momentum his moves give him in midair.

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