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Storm by Helio and sky79

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I have always considered that Storm's power is "to control" the weather. She can summon a severe lighting storm but she cannot throw rays from her hands like Electro.
I think Alucard & WhiteMagic's char is great, better than the original one, with amazing hypers, but it inherits some features from the last that don't make sense to me. So, I have tried to edit Storm to fit better mi idea of her powers and I hope some of you find it interesting. The main changes are:
- No rays from hands nor wind from legs.
- New "wind gust from behind" special that replaces the "typhon".
- No hailing hyper (the idea is cool, but the hail looked like silver foil balls).

I have also permute some punch and kick anims.
I tried to add the lighting attack in flying mode but I haven't been able (maybe it's not safe to invoke a lighting when she is higher than P2).
I have tried to simplify the commands. Some are changed with respect what appears above, but all the specials and hypers may be found by the regular combination D,DF,F and D,DB,B +P/K/PP/KK. I suggest to check them in the training room.
I really hope you like this edit. Any comment is welcomed.


I have finally updated this edit using the blizzard hyper from Buyog's Ice.



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