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[Melty Blood Edit] Idol Hisui


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N5Z1QK1.png     impmj1c.gif

First Version Portrait & Stance


I3e3m5x.png     impmj1c.gif

Old Version Portrait & Stance


i5KxHV9.png     w9ePCTU.gif

New Version Portrait & Stance







Name: Idol Hisui

Author: Suika no Otto / Otto

Note: Also known as "Hentai Hisui". Despite this name, she's totally a safe character.


A super fast-paced Hisui edit. One of her special arts involving her singing on the stage, while the opponent being put in a custom state of "dancing around".

Other special arts involving her summoning lots and lots of swords.



Author's Yahoo Box

Where are the files exactly?

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