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[PC FLASH] Epic Battle Fantasy Series


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Oh man this series is amazing its a flash rpg/misc series that stars an original character Named Matt and a girl named natalie new members join later but lets start with the beginning to this awesome series


so this one was the first in the series of course, it was still pretty fun this was before He got an official composer for his games so he used other Games music heres my letsplay of the first one its about an hour long almost. its a very fun game you point and click and buy items when you get the chance,


You have Matt the warrior type who switches between weapons when he wants to and natalie the mage white/black mixed together, you fight alot of familiar things in this one this is before matt came up with more of his own ideas rather than adding bosses from other games and the last boss is well I will let you find out http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png. alot of fun rather short though and not much of a story. Try it out play it here. also click natalies boobs they bounce at all times.


now lets move on to number 2


this is the sequel to the first and he basically scrapped the idea of it being a 1 shot game like it was originally intended based on the ending to 1, this one is even better than number 1 honestly he stopped using music from other games and got himself a game composter halyconicfalconx she is very good at what she does as you will tell playing the game. this one is more open ended than the first but still closed to an extent. You get choices on stuff to level up as you advance and depending on what you used most the last battle chooses what you get a chance to upgrade.

Matt still has his sword changing and has a couple of new ones as well as some new attacks thrown in. The villain is now not someone from another series but his own creation, story is a bit better than before and theres more diologue from the characters. I reccomend this one over the first but You should play the first in order to understand the gameplay. It is also a bit more humorous than the first one http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png. Just like the first one there is a difficulty selection as well.

heres a preview of it


to play ebf2 go to this link http://www.newground...tal/view/508777

not my video but its a preview nonetheless. now lets move on to the best one thus far epic battle fantasy III


man this one is such a stepup from the old ones its a REAL rpg not just battles you roam around and find monsters, you also get money to buy equipment and items as well as have to find your equipment rather than have it just given to you. Also a new person has joined Lance my personal favorite he uses a gunblade type weapon and specializes in explosives as well. this one is way better than the first 2 and again HalyconicfalconX created all the music for it which is just really well done. I highly reccomend this one over any of them thus far challenging boss fights, funny story and freaking hard as hell last boss http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png. you also get ability points in order to gain skills rather than have them from the start. Also characters from other anime make cameos and the game is very humorous. this is definite try I beat this on normal then did it again on epic but man for a flash game this game took me 12 hours to beat on normal and about 14 on epic mode its truly alot of fun this is the last epic battle fantasy thus far BUT he is making a number 4 in the same style as this one with ANOTHER new party member who specializes in bows.

here is a preview boss fight this is near the end of the game so dont get discouraged at how hard it might look. its also on epic mode in this video.

to play EBF3 go to this link http://www.newground...tal/view/548041

so thats the end of the EBF trilogy atm hope you enjoy there are some side games That I Will be posting up but they aren't really rpg persay hope you have fun with these I sure did.

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