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Galaxy Fight Felden Boss Stage - by Asef Hassan Amiz

Asef Hassan Amiz

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Hello Everyone, Here is a little Gift for Every Mugen Fans -



Felden's Stage, that Boss Universe Stage from Galaxy Fight,

This is my First Mugen work Uploaded, hope you guys will Love it.

So please let me know if you like it, i would really appreciate it.

here is the Link - "http://www.mediafire.com/download/78l07qrfwxvff36/Galaxy+Fight+Felden+Universe+Stage(2).zip"

credits - elecbyte for Creating Mugen, Sunsoft for Creating Galaxy FIght, & NeoGeo
Besides that, here in my country Bangladesh, i am like the only one who is into Mugen,

And i would truely appreciate for any kinds of  motivation & inspiration.

:SkeletorShocked: Thanks everyone


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yessssssssssssss I am so happy that  I am not only one that make Galaxy Fight Stages:sugoi:

I had a future plan for this stages but I could never figure how to make it infinity for the Meteoroid shower OR do the  Infinite the wave animation for the Galaxy background :dead:

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On 6/26/2016 at 9:39 PM, NEON 7 said:

Well it's about time! Now all we have left is Musafar & Yacopu's stages. Unfortunately, I'm currently working on another stage so, yeah...

I have the stage done for mostly everyone. But the problem that I'm having is that parallax for all of them are not working another words its create a awful ground shake when u move. also zoom effect ruin the floor delta. I did made 3 Galaxy fight stages that I was able to fix. but the other 9 stages I cant even get them to work. delta and parallax and also zoom on mugen 1.1 so bug out . also sad part I never finish them because mugen 1,1 is the only one that can do animation parallax and not mugen 1.0 sadly. I still can't figure out the bug problem . its cool he made one :OhYeah:

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