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There are two versions of Shrek that exist for Mugen, and both of them were made by Cool. The sprites were taken from Shrek: Hastle in the Castle for GBA.



Cool's first version is very poorly designed, with only 15 sprites in its .sff file and no specials or hypers. He only has one attack (done by pressing Y) that does not connect to his opponent.



Cool's second version is a large improvement over the first one, as Shrek now has special moves that are easy to activate, but they barely do any damage. All of his moves are performed by pressing down and a button. You may have recongized this version from a Vinesauce video of Mugen. Both Shreks have no AI, meaning that they use the default Mugen AI.


First version: http://mugencharacters.ucoz.com/load/0-0-0-676-20

Second version: http://www.mediafire.com/?6zvqm01vr6u6s3h







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