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Help me make this character Run in 1.0



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Quoted from other thead asking the same thing

There is no simple solution.
Make sure that the .sff can be read by 1.0, (I think 16 bit, compared to 1.1's 32 bit)
Find all instances of 1.1 only code, and replace it with code that works in 1.0 and performs identical behavior to the one you replaced.  I'd imagine depending on the code used, this can either be rather simple or a living nightmare.

Converting the sprites itself to 16 bit can be a quite nightmare.


If a character uses 32 bit effect sprites, indexing to 16 bit (which is not a fun process) would reduce their image quality and you have to adjust their transparency in order to make them works properly in 1.0

just run 320x240 1.1.


but anyways, yes its a whole conversion thing. Sometimes characters are made for 1.1 but don't really use anything from it which can easily work. Other times... no.

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