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[VAR] Flood


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Flood is 1990 platform game developed by Bullfrog Productions, published for the Amiga & Atari ST by Electronic Arts.

The game involves completing the levels as fast as possible by collecting all the litter and find the exit before the rising waters throughout the game drown your Quiffy character.


'Quiffy' is your player controlled character, who is the last of his race of small green creatures and can walk on walls and ceilings. He lives underground in a series of sewers and tunnels. His mission is to reach the surface by navigating all the sewers, whilst they are slowly flooding. You start each level with no waepon, but Quiffy can pick up any of five available ones, like Grenades or a Flamethrower.


AMIGA Longplay


From the Manual:


Quiffy is a slightly overweighted wee green Blobbie who lives in secret caverns deep underground, feeding on the trash left behind by an ancient and enigmatic civilization. Unfortunately, these caverns haven been overrun with nasty creatures like the Psycho Teddies and Quiffy's distant cousins, the Bulbous Headed Vong.


These unlovely creatures have waged a vicious war on Quiffy's kind and he is now in the unfortunate position of being the last surviving member of his race. Indeed, you can see the luckless participants of this genocidal war stretched throughout the interconnected caverns.


If all that wasn't bad enough, the mysterious taps of wrath have suddenly ended their years of arid indifference and have started to cascade vast quantities of water into the caverns. Because Quiffy cannot breathe under water, he has decided that enough is enough and has resolved to make his way to the surface and escape the creeping doom of the flood.


What you have to do.


The idea of Flood is very simple, within each level Quiffy must explore the caverns that make up that level and collect all the trash that is not nailed down. Once he has collected all the trash, then he can use the END OF LEVEL TELEPORTER and proceed to the next level. In addition to the 36 normal levels, Quiffy must also negotiate his way through a further 6 levels that the devilish Vong have built, making 42 in all!


There are two types of teleporter which outwardly look identical: the END OF LEVEL TELEPORTER and the IN LEVEL TELEPORTER. The END OF LEVEL TELEPORTER takes Quiffy to the next level once he has collected all the trash on the cuurent level. The IN LEVEL TELEPORTER (which can be invisble) are linked in pairs and just move you to the linked IN LEVEL TELEPORTER, which will be at a different location within the current level.



Tha game was no commercial success, but the water properties was quite advanced for a computer game of its time.

I enjoed the game back in the days a lot.

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