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Rushing Beat Series


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Collection with MUGEN stuff related to Rushing Beat series.

Click in the author name to download. If you have any MUGEN material related, you're free to post in this topic.




mZNIPa6.gif     DRdP0r9.gif     pPNcls0.gif

Rick Norton / Jack Flak (Rushing Beat / Rival Turf): Mature4evr

Douglas Bild / Slash (Rushing Beat Ran / Brawl Brothers): Cadavélico

Elfin / Echo (Rushing Beat Shura / The Peace Keepers): AnkokuNaitou


SELECT PLAYER - Enemies & Bosses

OoDmJjK.gif             iZLZvKk.gif             rnS0Kk4.gif             77WoH5p.gif             exBXAKo.gif             Z8IQ7v9.gif             IWiS5FJ.gifNs7XqCM.png

All Chars by Joey Faust

Character List: Baki || Axe / Blade || Bart / Connor || Fnord || Hissatsu || Kulmbach / Iago || Bob / Squash || Velk / Tybalt

Note: All came from Rushing Beat Shura / The Peace Keepers.



Stages by Mature4evr (Old - New) || Rushing Beat: 61st Street by Zion || Rushing Beat: Conflict at Sunset by DarkValentine - 1.1 Edit by MatreroG

Stages by The Aboriginal One || Rushing Beat Ran: Steel Cage by PrimeOp



From Spriters Resource: Rushing Beat / Rival Turf || Rushing Beat Ran / Brawl Brothers || Rushing Beat Shura / The Peace Keepers

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