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[GC] Sonic Riders


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This game was also released on PS2, However I posted it here because this is the gamecube version?????????

Sonic Riders is a Board/Blade Racing game. Althought it makes no sense for sonic to use something else to race he would still be faster he agree's to use it because it makes everything all equal.

You get the idea of the game pretty much from the video.


The graphics in this game are pretty good, however if you slowly run thru a level you can see that everything is VERY VERY VERY PIXELATED. especially in the first level, But thats the gold about this game, it looks so bad that when you race and high speeds the motion blur steps in and makes it look bad ass. so the graphics look great!


Its the same generic rock style of music from previous song games, Nothing out of the ordinary here, if you watch my gameplay video you get the idea of how the music is.


There very loose and feel very accurate to the motion of the board, Drifting is a nice touch as you need to use it with caution, it slows you down so you can make tight turns but if you hold it to long you slow down real badly.

I would recommend this game, over the sequel.

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