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Noel Vermillion (alpha Phase) Released by ron_ti_chu


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their link not mine.


I have not tried this character yet but here she is newly released today I can only hope its better than speedys versions.

Known bugs to be fixed

-chain revolver seems to be missing a few moves

-on ground distortion drives and astral heat don't have the right button command to use them

- The hitboxes are horrible in every single one of her moves, being way too big and with all of them having infinite priority.

- Her D Drive is horrible, and causes infinites. Her hitstun animation is just the standing animation for that D Drive, a problem only Speedy9199 did, and I'm surprised seeing another person do it.

- Her comboability is horrible too, if this is accurate to source then it fails horribly. It's impossible to replicate any combo with her.

- Her grab doesn't allow escaping even though he put that exclamation mark showing you can, and I can't grab in the middle of a combo.

- Some physics of her attacks are ridiculous, just try her crouch attacks while the opponent is OTG.

- The background effect of the supers is not properly placed, you shouldn't be able to see what's behind if the screen shakes. Should be bigger to avoid that.

- And lots, lots and lots of debug problems.

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