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[Wii] Tales Of Symphonia : Dawn Of The New World


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This is a continuation of the Tales Of Symphonia for the gamecube, that takes place i believe 2 years after the original game? the game features many changes i dont really care for. They got rid of the world map that you could explore and do stuff in now its a select your destination and i move, kinda thing. and combat has changed a bit to where as the first game had 4 player (if you had 4 controlls everyone can control a char) this game gives you Emil or Martha, and 2 or 3 "monsters" to do battle, so the monsters you fight you can capture and use in battle kinda like pokemon. later on you can switch out your monsters for the previous TOS characters. but you cant control them. i really didnt like that i felt very limited with the fun of multiplayer RPGing. over all the story is good, the music is great, gameplay (actual gameplay) is very fun. here is a spoiler for some. all of there Mystic Arte's
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