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Reminder regarding posting a thread in warehouse section


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We've been noticing lately a lot of people have been posting incorrectly so we've devised some rules once again for the standards for posting items on the warehouse section of the forum. Let's start with few things:


1. Posting format: Please apply these format whenever you post a content in the warehouse.



Screenshots/videos of content visual goes here.



Download links goes here.



Optional; if you have some review of the content being posted, it goes here.


A good example of how its being done. (Yeah, you need to include the bracket tags).


2. Visual preview: it'd be nice if you use your own screenshot instead of copy pasting from someone else.

Important: If you are to post NSFW content, make sure to put the preview in a spoiler and put [NSFW] tag in the thread title.


3. File links: always include link to author website, unless the file is already offline or said website is hard to navigate. Don't direct link files on their website's server like this. Some web server known to forbid this and directed you to 404 error page.

Important: Refrain yourself from linking to ad referral sites (such as adf.ly). MUGEN and all its content are meant to be free, and any attempts to monetize them are prohibited.

Additional: Redirecting people to a webpage that requiring signing up (such as facebook group) is considered to be very inconvenient. Please don't do this as well.


4. Remember to use the search box to check if any content has been posted before, to avoid double posts. Feel free to re-post a content if the older thread has broken link though.


All being said, stay out of trouble and have a nice day.

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