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The charaters is too big in a mugen stage



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Pic no. 1: Because your resolution in widescreen, you have to add localcoord in your character so that they appear properly. Open their .def file and add this line under "[Info]"

localcoord = 426.66,320.25



Pic no. 2: It's because of the stage's zoom code. Open the stage .def file and remove these lines:

startzoom = 1,1
zoomout = 0.50
zoomin = 0.60

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thank you! ryoucchi, I did what you guided me. The result is very good.

But please help me with 2 things below:

When I attacked P2, I and him jumped up. How to make camera move up with ? 


The P1 and P2 is a little bit smaller thn the stage. How can I make the stage and the people in it smallers or zoom out ?




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The 1st stage, the boundhigh is very low (-6) meaning there's really no room on the top of the stage. Even if you raised the verticalfollow value it will stay like that.


The 2nd stage, under [StageInfo]:
xscale         = 1
yscale         = 1


Reduce the number to make it smaller. For example:

xscale         = .91
yscale         = .91



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