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Shogun Warriors / Fujiyama Buster


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shw_samurai.gif     shw_sabu.gif     shw_ninja.gif     shw_kabuki.gif     shw_sumo.gif     shw_geisya.gif

Samurai: Joey Faust || Sabu: NHK || Ninja: Metal Warrior - Joey Faust's Edit || Kabuki: Joey Faust || Sumo: Joey Faust || Geisya: Mass



shw_oni.gif     shw_tengu.gif     shw_benkei.gif     shw_goemon.gif

Oni: Joey Faust || Tengu: Joey Faust || Benkei: Joey Faust || Goemon: Joey Faust



shw_kappa.gif     shw_shogun.gif

Character List: Kappa and Shogun



Sabu Stage by Span || Shogun Stage by Cenobite 53 || Geisya Stage by Masa00341 || Shogun and Kabuki Stages by OldGamer



AI Patch for NHK's Sabu by NS

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wow, no idea that many had been made, Really love all the new/uploaded collections lately, you & Ryo remind me of me & Laharl back in the early days of the collections section on the older boards , Great Jobs Guys , seriously .on a side note i remember a Very long time ago, an older creator had a ton of single layer stages on his site & in one of the pics was a Kappa Vs Kid Dracula 

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Hehe, thanks ZB, don't forget that Big Green and also some good guys (as Dumanios with the Extreme Butoden collection and 柊 明 with the Dengeki collection) help with the collections too. ;)

And as i know, Cenobite 53 discontinued a WIP of Kappa. :(

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