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[KOF GOD] King Of Fighter Ghost Of Dark/Darkness

Silver Flame

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Guys. How are u all.
Today I realise my "KOF GOD"
It is a KOF M.U.G.E.N
I hop u guys will like the game.
Please comment me & tell me how is it!!

Here is some screenshot of the Screenpack/

Menu 1Menu 2Character Select screenLoadingVS ScreenFighting Screen 1Fighting Screen 2Fighting Screen3Fighting Screen 4Ready Screen 1Ready Screen 2


Link to download= Download

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same stuff repeatedly over and over again with couple of new sprites ..
Templates are same.. even lifebars are same..
what is changed is some sprites in Main menu, select, and vs screens..
Dont mind me saying this but its not worth saying a ''My edit'' or ''My version'' .

I made it. When I was learning. How to make. & You are almost right.

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