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Alter Amiba Updated By Melvanainchains And The_None


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(From Author) a lot of his mechanics have been overhauled, i.e. his jump doesn't go as ridiculously high anymore, he has been given backstep options that include dashing wallbounces, low dashes and a semi-guard breaker, and a bunch of other stuff

as the topic name says, the old version is available because some people told me they still preferred the old version over the new one, so i reuploaded that one too

this is in the older mugen section because he has .defs both compatible with win and 1.0. at least this version does. old one is still 1.0 exclusive to my knowledge.

I have to say this character is funny alot of fun to play and its just what you would expect from 2 of the weirdest character makers to team up lol. He has alot of funny lines and moves and I really reccomend trying him out funny as hell. Grab the new version rather than classic, He also has some hidden easter eggs here and there.

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