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all sprites and anims have the same delta value
the tree will overlap your lifebar


superjump = no
bgm = no
anim = yes


all sprites taken from muteki's baiken sff file[i hope he/she don't mind]

consider it finished,i decided not to add more stuff
so yeah,it has been updated,just the candle sprites and anim
if you can do that your self there's no need to re dl


480x360 version added




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thanks for the comment guys

about the overlapping issue; i make the stage that way and i have no plan on making it not overlapping the life bar because it looks weird at least to me,if you don't like that you may edit it[sorry]


umm...i was going to share this much earlier[you may check when did the file uploaded],but my account over at mfg is error and i'm the one who caused it
so i decide to post this here,and not in the release board.

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