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Two old Dragon Ball Z characters + Wario

Big Green

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Cell / Freeza

Last week, I patched two old DBZ characters from the DOS era. They seem to work fine on all versions of MUGEN. Sadly, neither of them are any good, but still rather amusing in different ways.

Cell: Doesn't play like Super Butouden. It uses two basic attack buttons, with other moves using other buttons. It also has rather bad hitboxes. Not much else to say about this one. Made by Milirado PeaceCraft.

Freeza: This one uses all six buttons, with two specials and hypers. It has a deep version of Freeza's normal voice for some weird reason. Made by WhItE_FoX



This one however, is rather decent, being the second best Wario in MUGEN (aside from Warner's, of course) IMO. It's pretty new, only being released last year. The sendspace link is currently dead, so he's up here. It plays like a MvC character. It may or may not use a certain template... Made by Mistah Jorge and Flammableking.

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I dunno, this being the second best Wario behind Warner's is debatable... I really like this one, it's pretty unique, and even has winquotes.

Anyway, Wario could probably be moved to Other? Thanks for him, though. Seems like a pretty hidden release on the creator's part.

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