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Yuki Orochi and Hiko Seijyuurou

White Ranger


Just looking for a couple of The Last Blade Edits:


Hiko Seijyuurou by GGQ

Yuki Orochi by fGfx and 5667


Note: Their exists a similar character like Yuki Orochi named Daredaomaeha also made by fGfx. This character is found on fGfx's site, were Yuki Orochi is meant to be also, but I've had no luck finding it. I've already added Daredaomaeha to my collection so their is no need to provide a link for that one. People keep telling me the two are the same character, but screenshots say otherwise. They are both edits of Yuki from said game but the differences are as follows:

Daredaomaeha: looks exactly the same as Yuki, but the moveset has been edited.

Yuki Orochi: has no weapon, and has green pants and headband instead of purple.

As for Hiko Seijyuurou, he is an edit of Moriya Minakata. Looks exactly like Minakata but perhaps an edited moveset maybe? I don't know.

Anyhow can someone provide a link for these two characters? I hope I gave a good description. But if not I'll provide pictures below. Thank you.


lb_yuki.gif               lb_yukiorochi.gif   Character comparison 

            Daredaomaeha              Yuki Orochi 




  Hiko Seijyuurou       Just for good measure.

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