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The scale of the final flash

Kaze No Ken


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Reuse the same explode but set its position a little further to the right so it continues seamlessly next to the first one while they play simultaneously.


pos = 300, 0

or you could use

scale = 4, 1

But this will distort the quality.

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In your character's folder, look for a .cns file, there may be more than one, look for hyper/supers, typically they are labled as

state 3000 or higher

Look for the explode code, similar to this

;background splash screen effect
[State 3000, splash]
type = Explod
trigger1 = time = 1
anim = 3000
ID = 3000
pos = 0,0;floor(ifelse(Target(0), pos X <= 0, 135, 185) + target(0), pos x), floor(target(0), screenpos y - 50)
postype = back
;bindtime = 999
removetime = 150
supermove = 150
pausemovetime = 150
sprpriority = -9999
ownpal = 1
hitcountpersist = 1
facing = 1;ifelse(Target, Pos X >= 0,1,-1)
scale = 1.2,1.2              


Play around with these numbers and see what they do, check the mugen docs for a description of what they can do. Go to the .air file in fighter factory and see what number is that green splash screen and use find function in the cns file to locate the code.

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YES, because Final Flash is actually a move by a character that i'd say alot of people know.

so saying scale of the final flash its sounds like you want a beam to scale. not a background.

I never really watched Dragon Ball Z But still makes sence. 

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