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Kirby by DXPro/Project64Mugen


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A rather recent version of Kirby, he was made this year. He's pretty good, too. He's one of the only Kirbies so far that uses anything from Kirby 64 (The Crystal Gun, Double Stone ability, and the Refrigerator ability.) He even has the Yarn Whip, which can be used in multiple directions, as well as the Falcon Punch. (Although, it's really hard to hit enemies with... A bit too hard.) There's also a few classic abilities in the mix, such as a Yo-yo attack, the Paint ability, a laser hyper, a few hammer attacks, (A bit crudely sprited, though.) as well as the bomb. He can even counter and reflect projectiles. (Although, the counter is mapped to the same key as the Yarn Whip, so it's a bit tough to use at times.) I think the sprites are custom, too. Unfortunately, he's a bit lacking in the winpose/losepose/intro/voice area. Hopefully the creator updates this Kirby a bit more, and maybe change some of his attacks, and adds some other things, otherwise, it's pretty good, just about as good as Claymizer's version in terms of gameplay.

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