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[Meiling edit] Hei-Meiling-G


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A very cheap edit of Hei Meiling by Gechrome. Edited from Lates and Flam's Hei Meiling. Explod intensive, better used with hi-spec PC.

To control her, open HMG_-2.cns, look for this code

[state Config]
type = VarSet
trigger1 = 1
var(59) := abs( 10 )	;		<-- AIレベル: [1~10: On] [0: Off] [Other: 常に1~10のランダム値に(ただのお遊びです)] -->
IgnoreHitPause = 1
SuperMoveTime = 999999999
PauseMoveTime = 999999999

Change var(59) to

var(59) := abs( 0 )


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