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Updated Mysterious Green V2 for 1.0? + extra request



Would anyone happen to have a version of Mysterious Green V2 (made by: 西賽 亞) that is compatible with mugen 1.0? Been looking everywhere & i know there are those that are those who have patched both Mysterious Green V2 as well Dark Silverwing for 1.0

Would really appreciate it if anyone had it, thanks!


P.S. - (Extra Request)

Scarlet Dream by michael armaros anyone? Been looking for this gem for quite awhile as well! <3


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Mysterious Green has amount of "displaytoclipboard" states scattered all over his cns files, which could be easily fixed by removing/nullifying them.


Here you go, just replace his current cns files with these, he will work in 1.0 with no problem.





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