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Well this is embarrassing

Pretty much I want to have an explod bind to this helper, which it does, but it isn't displaying properly.

I have the explod within the helper code, spawning when the helper is active.


How it displays(if my guess is correct, it keeps spawning itself on top of itself creating this look)


How it should display(which i can only get to show by putting some asinine removetime like pos x < frontedgedist D: )


In both situations, it only shows one frame of the animation.


I thought making this a explod would save me time since I just need this for cosmetic effect, but it's annoying me now. >_>


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Spawn the explod at time=0 and make sure that removetime=-1, so it doesn't disappear prematurely. You might want to play around with sprpriority as well to place the effect behind the helper. Bindtime=-1 should be there so that it moves with the helper. As for removing it, use RemoveExplod in the Helper's destroy state (provided you have one). Also, post your code if you're still having problems. It makes it a bit easier to see what's what.

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