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[Orochi/Mizuchi Edits] J-Orochi

White Ranger

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He is one the most cheapest Orochi edits out their. This video surprised me, I had no idea he could K.O. Ice-Oro-Mizuchi. 

Can only be K.O.'d by characters like Extreme Dark Akuma, or Salvation Orochi.

However, this character only works for WinMugen due to the %n in it's coding. If anyone can get this character to work in 1.0 please let me know, and if you can add a link in your post. Thank you.

Download Link:


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Oh, I'm sorry I had no idea.

So.......what should I do? Remove this character from the forums or just leave it alone? I do hope I haven't broke a rule or offeneded anyone.

No, this post is ok, while some people don't necessarily like these type of edits there are others that do, and there isn't really a rule regarding what kind of characters can be posted here so it's fine as is.

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Well, there is one person who likes cheap characters at the forum, so it will be kinda glad that you put it here.

Are you talking about me?

Yeah I like cheap stuff, but not instant death null characters.

Furthermore yeah there's nothing wrong with the share, but this type of stuff is forbidden on the mugen wiki and in some places, just a warning, as many (such as myself) view it as malicious as some of these characters are literately virus and can damage your systems.

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