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Force closing problem gets even worse, and resizing lifebars



Well, that force closing problem I kept having earlier gets even worse. Now, when I use characters such as Mitka's Sai (With dager's Nobita sprite patch) it closes whenever he does a hyper, and sometimes as soon as he attacks. I really liked playing as him the first time, where he worked, but he's not the only character. There's actually a lot of other characters in my roster that have this problem, too... Heck, even trying to use Shift + F4 causes it to close sometimes. Is it coding, sprites, or my computer?


Also, many of my lifebars that I had for the EvE roster that fit, no longer fit for the IMT on I use now, but I knew that would happen... But, I still liked using them, so is there a way I can fix that?

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From the way it sounds it MAY be your computer, I've never heard of such a severe situation where multiple characters crash mugen without warning or coding errors.


as for lifebars.


if its made for 720p, its made for 720p, the only way to make it work in 480p is to completely recode them.

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