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(Nijikaku) CGI Mart


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Some mematic 7-11 type store, I guess. I don't really know if it's a real store chain in Japan, or what. This stage has a bit of a boundary issue, but that's probably because Nijikaku's bars covered it up... It's a single image stage too, but there's a tree that has a bit of layering. I don't know who's home stage it is, either. This scene kinda looks as if it was ripped from a anime, though. It's also actually pretty tall, too. The music here is a peaceful piano song with a loud clock ticking during it.

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This is that odd cat character, Nyainyai's stage, and she can only hurt you with her helpers, interestingly. Aside from cgimart, there's also FamilyMart, which is an actual store that makes a cameo in some stages like Hato's for example.

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