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Princess Of Dark Bibin Released (Not Another Bibin Mc Update)

Toshio Tenma

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This is the original version of Bibin which I was working in august 8th during my vacations in 2010.

I wanted to make her with expanded moveset and since my intention was to have her with at least 8 supers, I had

delayed her release.

So, since it was asked when I would release, I thought that would be a good idea editing a copy of the character and

making her more accurate to the source, so Bibin MC was created and released.


Move list:

# Specials:

Bibin Bui (short range spell):


~D, DF, F, x (also with y or z).

Uppercut (self explanatory):


~F, DF, F, x (also made y or z, the "z" version launch a projectile as a add-on).

Edochin Hyakuretsu Kobushi (Edochin will give seven quick slaps):


~D, DB, B, x (also done with y or z)

Edochin ATTACK (she spin Edochin and then cast him away):


~D, DF, F, a (also made with b or c.)

Fake Bibin Dance (Bibin will dance, however, she'll quickly counter if attacked):


~D, DB, B, a (version a will throw the enemy, version 3 will do a powerful kick, version c will do a uppercut)

Dash Kogeki Weak (She'll dash with a quick slap):


~F, F, x

Aerial Attack (She'll dash with a quick slap, the 2nd hit will send the enemy upward to start a combo):


~F, F, y

Dash Kogeki Strong (She'll dash with a quick headbutt):


~F, F, z

Dash Kogeki Kick Weak (She'll dash with a quick kick):


~F, F, a

Aerial Attack (She'll dash and do a powerfull kick which send the enemy upward to start a combo):


~F, F, b

Dash Kogeki Strong (She'll dash with a powerfull kick):


~F, F, c


# Misc moves :

Roll(She'll do a invencible roll to escape):


F + "ab" or "bc".

Super Jump:


After Aerial Attack hits, quickly tap UP.

Wake up (she'll cancel her guard with a powerfull kick, cost one power bar):


While guarding, tap forward + c

Down Attack (She'll jump and fall in a grounded foe).

Command: With a grounded enemy, quickly tap up + any button

Bibin Throw (she'll grab the enemy and throw away):


~F, y (when close).

Special Punch (she'll do a powerful punch):

Command: ~B,z


# Supers:

Moon Glider (She'll slam the enemy with her Moon Glider, can be also done in air):


~D, F, D, F, x

Edward (Edward will launch his infamous dark messengers for 10 hits):


~D, F, D, F, y

Unhappy No Tane (Bibin will throw a seed, the seed will sprout in several Unhappy Pants):


~D, F, D, F, z

Unhappy Birth (Bibin will throw a seed in the enemy, if it hits, the victim will be trapped):

~D, F, D, F, x+y (y+z or x+z)

Super Bibin Bui Bui (Bibin will launch a spell, if hits, the enemy will dance and later being hit by a unhappy plant):


~D, F, D, F, a

Bibin ATTACK (Edochin will grab Bibin and throw her against the enemy):


~D, F, D, F, b

Bibin Ranbu (Bibin will dash with a slap, if hits, she'll do a combo):


~D, F, D, F, c

Grand Universal Princess (Bibin will transform and pulverise the enemy with a huge bean):


~D, F, D, F, a+b (also with b+c or a+c)


Release log, monday, November 21th, 2011:

a) Updated velocities in several of her moves.

http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.png Updated Intro #2 and intro #3.

c) Updated Bibin Bui Bui Strong.

d) Updated all dash attacks.

e) Updated Moon Glider (it can be also done in air).

f) Added Grand Universal Princess Bibin (new lv #3 super).

g) Added Move List.

h) Updated Wake Up.

i) Updated Down Attack.

j) Now she is compatible with Odango and Haguu Jaku.


Wip log, thuesday, April 14th, 2011:

a) Added effects in her close stand strong punch and crouch strong punch (sparkles and envshake).

http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.png Medium Dash Attack hit twice.

c) Can do the Super Jump.

d) Projectile doesn't disappears at once.

e) She leave a trail after running.

f) She can cancel any normal attack with specials.

g) She leave a trail of wind during her dash attacks.

h) She leave a trail of wind and sparkling during her down attack.

i) She have a trail of wind during Moon Glider.

j) She have sparklings during her strong air kick.

k) She can cancel normal attacks like kicks with punches and vice & versa.

l) Edward Super got tile issues fixed.

m) Edochin Hyakuretsu Kobushi has been fixed.


Special thanks:

a) Zzyzzyxx (tested the Plus version, his wip version of Fine served as a

inspiration for this version of Bibin and his tips helped to improve that

version of Bibin as well).

http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.png Muirtower (helped with effects and tips).

c) Anarquia (tested the original version of Bibin).

d) Cybaster.

e) Bonaldo-Kun.

f) Seravy.

g) PersonDude.

h) KnucklesTheEchidna.

i) Ryochi.


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