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P.O.T.S.'s Alternate Palette Mode Mechanics



I am trying to make it so that all of the alternate palette modes in P.O.T.S.'s characters are available as their own .DEF files, like the modes of his Ryu. In his Ryu, all the states of Evil and Master Ryu (Earlier versions, I think also sported a "Classic Ryu" mode) are present in special .st files, but I haven't found code referring to how this is referred to by the normal character. 

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You could modify the code and do some stuff, but let's not do that.  Easiest way is to just abuse pal.defaults and [palette keymap].


So let's say you've got regular Ryu.  Copy that def and rename the copy EvilRyu.def


Now edit the displayname to be "Evil Ryu" (or whatever you want)


At pal.defaults, you want it to list only the palettes that are Evil Ryu mode and the first one should be his default color.  So maybe pal.defaults = 10,11,12,7,8,9  This basically makes sure that when the CPU picks this character, it's always Evil Ryu.


And now, to make sure that YOU always get Evil Ryu mode put something like this between the [Files] and [Arcade] sections.  Modify it to suit your needs and palette conditions.  The point being that you want every button to pick a color that only selects Evil Ryu.


[Palette Keymap]
a = 7
b = 8
c = 9
x = 10
y = 11
z = 12
a2 = 7
b2 = 8
c2 = 9
x2 = 10
y2 = 11
z2 = 12

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