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Helper issues



I've got a character who summons a helper to act as a shield until either its animation runs out or it is hit. It's got a couple of problems. 


1) I only want one copy of the the shield up at a time. Right now, the character can summon multiple copies. 


2) If the shield is hit with an attack the helper appears as a copy of the character that just sort of floats there doing nothing. 


Help would be appreciated. 





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I can help with your first problem, to make it so your character is not able to perform the state which makes them summon the helper


[state -1]
type = ChangeState
value = 1000
triggerall = numhelper(put helper number in here) = 0       <- Right here, in the command file for your character, make sure the change state has this code on it.
triggerall = command = "Somecommand"
trigger1 = statetype = S

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Perfect. Thank you very much.  


Also, I managed to fix the second part by adding a hitoveride that ended with a destroyself. Perhaps it's the long way around, but it works. 


Thanks again, 



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