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How can I fix infinite projectiles/attacks?



Hello every one


I've being looking for some way to fix my krookodile's infinite dragon breath (projectile code), but, I've had no success...
Also he have an infinite rage attack that I would fix.

At a first moment I thought it was controlled by airjuggle, but I've discovered that it not it...


So, please, help me!

This is the only thing that is delaying the Krookodile V 1.2! 

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Lower the hit time on the fireball, 20 is quite high. Making a ground fireball knock opponents off their feet looks a little wierd too.

SImilarily, any other infinites usually mean you have attacks that are either too fast, keep the opponent in hitstun for too long or don't put enough distance between you and your opponent after being hit to stop you from repeating the move (or any combination of the above)

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