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[NS] Nintendo Switch : The New Nintendo system


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15 hours ago, Ali said:

MAMA MIAAA..... I wanted to buy this console after its release but looks like this is toooooo expensive! maybe I have to wait........ (I'm waiting).............(I said I'm waiting)...............(HMph)........(Urgh, this is stil expensive) !!!!


Hmmm.....I wouldn't say that comparing to when the PS3/PS4 first launches (400.00 - 450.00 USD)


I say 300.00 - 350.00 USD is very reasonable price for a hybrid game system... :-P


7 hours ago, Sinjik said:

I do like the games that are coming out for this console (especially Kingdom Hearts 3) but it just has so many game controller modes, it kinda gets confusing.

Indeed but it all depends what you want to do when you use it considering they do have a standard controller to use at will if you are a straight up solo player. but if you using the NS as multi-player then thats when you used the side controllers so others can join in..

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10 minutes ago, Ex☆Cham said:

Well screw =/


I´mma get into debt again but i totally want that Zelda and Nintendo even if the battery doesn´t last so much.

Yeah its kind of a bummer to pay 9.99 USD for the online play (looks like Nintendo is joining that club now with sony and Microsoft).

Also the battery Life on the tablet-part  may not last after a few hours but knowing how technology is now a days Nintendo will come up with an power-back up accessory that can keep it on for few more hours,just like those power back-up things some of us use for our Cell phones..

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2 minutes ago, Infinite Kyo said:

I'm in Australia that shit costs 400 bucks...as opposed to the ps4's 500 so its not that bad

Woah!....added if you pay taxes too.... i feel your pain there..:stress:


.....plus its really not as worst then getting an IPhone-6 which almost cost twice as more then getting the NS system its self..

so i still say the price is reasonable....


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so with the recent launch of the switch we see that you are able to play games that comes out in other regions, which means that the NS system is region free for digital games.....

However this could change in the long run knowing how things be with with security and restrictions... :-P

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