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Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b Rev1981 Sprite Rip Thread


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Hello again.

I once downloaded Werewood's Sprite Rips of Super Smash Flash 2, but noticed that they were unfinished.

So I went ahead and decided to rip the newest demo of Super Smash Flash 2 myself.

However, I will only rip stuff, that is exclusive to the newest demo, and because of that, every sprite rip will be a single file.

Zero Suit Samus (raw sprite rip):




Mario (raw sprite rip):




Old sprite rips by Werewood:


I will update the first post with new sprite rips, so stay tuned and have enjoyment.

P.S.: Raw sprite rips mean that mask stuff are not cleaned away. I will eventually come back to that, though.

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I used a certain Flash decompiler, which you can get for free, but it probably works with any Flash decompiler, if you just open the right files.

I cannot say too much, though. After all, the walls have eyes (I'm pretty sure SSF2 devs lurk this place just in case someone tries to decompile their...ahem, "treasure").

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Answer to RicePigeon

Well, I cannot citate about SSF2 spies being at MFFA, but I can at least citate how much they hate it, whenever someone takes the sprites, even when giving feedback:


Do not plagiarise or steal, that is, to take without permission. I will come down on you hard for this and at the very worst I will see to it personally that you are banned and/or expelled from this section.

Link: http://forums.mcleodgaming.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=20100

Yes, that's right. Mcleod Gaming is STILL believing in a MUGEN concept, that is outdated for a reason. You cannot expect that everyone gives you permission, and you should be thankful that they would then have at least the etiquette of crediting you (something that I would always do). And you cannot just target a different game just because it's using your sprites without your permission, because you didn't made the character either, but Nintendo/Sega/Namco/Capcom/Konami/whatever other company made games where fangames were based on.

And yes, they ARE serious about it. and link proves it:


It's an instant perma-ban, if someone takes their SSF2 sprites without their permission to make his/her own game. Like seriously, not everybody can sprite, spriters in general are rare (especially when it comes to pseudo JUS-style), and most of the time, the only avaible sprites of certain Smash characters are either super awful, super unfinished, or even both (looking at the MM8-styled sprites of Fox and Falco). Like seriously, if you make a game, then you have to ACCEPT the fact that your sprites will be taken. I mean, sprites from official games are ripped almost every day, so why cannot the same thing count for fangames as well?

Well, of course, original characters are a different story, but now, we're talking about fangames, and if you release a fangame, then you have to ACCEPT the fact that people can steal your sprites and WILL steal your sprites.


Okay, with that out of my way, here is an update:

I managed to find a way to rip the sprites more cleanly. I already did a test on that on Zero Suit Samus, and the quality is a bit better (a bit, because the quality of the row sprites isn't that bad either).

I of course will update the Zero Suit Samus sprite rips link as well, but before I do, I have a question:

Should I do the same with Mario as well? I mean, I never really cared for Mario's sprites at SSF2 (because they should have been based on the Mario&Luigi games instead), but if someone is actually going to use those sprites for a MUGEN character, then I will of course update the link for Mario as well.

Would like to hear your opinion on that...

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It at least applies to whoever wants to rip the sprites, because if they find out, how exactly I do that, then the next version might get a copy protection, and then, nobody can rip anything from that game anymore...

And I still want to rip their sprites of Pit and Ike, who are indeed planned for the final version of that game.

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