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vs screen specific portraits



Is there anyway to have a portrait for character specifically for the match up screen. I've been making custom portraits for my roster but they are big select screen portraits and cover each other at the vs screen. The portrait size is 230x500.

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under this [VS Screen] in your mugen's system.def


there's an option to select which sprite from the character's file it will read as the portrait for the VS screen


;Big portraits
p1.spr = 9000, 1  <- This
p1.offset =  20,31
p1.facing = 1
p1.scale = 1,1
p2.spr = 9000, 1 <- This
p2.offset = 299,31
p2.facing = -1

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I appreciate it neo. +1 to u sir. Do you know if you can make a seperate sprite group for it? I tried adding a test portrait to a new group 9000, 3, but to no success. If not its fine as you help me acomplish my original goal. I think I'm just being greedy lol.

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