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Ex Orochi Iori Final Edition [11/01/15]


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Ex Orochi Iori Final Edition [11/01/15]



name = "EX-Orochi Iori"
displayname = "EX-Orochi Iori"
mugenversion = 1.0
author = "Jerzy"
Ultima edición = 11/01/15
This will be the final version of this character, maybe over time you add new things I have learned or have to repair some details that so far has not seen (which I doubt since and will improve and fix last details that had the character) yet, if that's the case will be minimal changes to the character. 

[Latest Upgrades]
*Improved the Afterimage.
*Changed posters Dream / Super Cancel.
*Enhanced HSDM.
*New background HSDM.
*Added Maxcancel.
*New SDM and DM (One enhanced).
*New animation counter.
*Added striker and improved code (Ya should not have as many bugs).
*Changed all the effects of powers by the KOF XIII.
*Intros new battle. (One particularly when compared to the same character).
*Added Drivecancel system (a single stable system, but does the job).
*Improved the speed of the character as fixed some other details.
*New color palettes.

[Game systems]
*Counter system
*Ex moves!
*Dream / Super cancel
*Effect K.O
*First Attack
*Guard Crush
*Winner screen
*Intro screen
*Intro to lose / win Round 2
*HSDM personalized Fund
*Dodge efect
*LB System disappearance during HSDM, intros and winners
*Dodge cancel
*Fund 2k2 UM
*Striker (New)
*Max Cancel (New)

[Character Video]


*Thanks to Darklos for letting me use your sprites of his Iori Flames and also allowing me to use some of the code of the character. 
*The sprites of the new movements and lioness were taken from characters Ahuron
*The code was improved striker, use the code base Ryon Persaud (MFFA), I served pretty good code and tutorial has to improve more my code.
*Also Darek, Leandro, God Ryu, shammahomega and several more who helped me.





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