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[Gen6] MFFA Community Teambuilding Workshop


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I figured that in order to promote some discussion that we should have sort of a community effort in building teams. Some ground rules:


  1. Teams will start off with one or two Pokemon cores to build the team around, and what tier the team will be played in.
  2. During this time you may feel free to nominate a Pokemon to add to the team, accompanied by the relevant information (ie: moveset, item, ability, EV spread, nature, etc) and a brief description as to why you feel this Pokemon should be added to the team.
  3. If an option gains enough support, that Pokemon will be added to the team. 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the team has 6 Pokemon and revise as necessary.
  5. As a bonus, after the team is complete, we may even post replays of the team in action, which will then be archived in the first post, and the process will begin again if there is enough demand for it.

There are a few guidelines though;


  • This is not a "Rate my Team" thread, nor is this thread meant to fix your team. This is an effort to build an entire team from scratch in order to help educate people on how to build better teams by going through an entire teambuilding process.
  • Try to keep each nomination to one Pokemon at a time until a consensus has been reached. Depending on what gets added into the final team may change how the team is built.
  • Please no shitmon or gimmick movesets. We don't care if you think Delphox is a massive threat in OU (it isn't) or if you beat people using Quick Claw Slowbro. Posts that violate this will be ignored and/or possibly deleted. Keep this to serious discussion only. To avoid nomination an unviable or gimmick Pokemon, I strongly urge you to consult the and the beforehand.


Teambuilding Hall of Fame


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To begin, let's try to build an OU team using Chesnaught, using the following set:


Ability: Bulletproof / Item: @Leftovers
Nature: Impish w/ EVs: 252 HP / 252 Defense / 4 Sp.Defense
Moves: Leech Seed / Spiky Shield / Drain Punch / Spikes


We could go either Stall or Bulky offense but we should note that since we're setting up Spikes, we'll obviously need something to handle hazard removal like Defog and Rapid Spin. we also has some notable weaknesses to Fairy, Flying, and Fire, as well as to Latios and Latias, Mega Sableye, and Mega Diancie. Opposing Grass types are also a bit of a headache so we'll need something to cover these.

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This is actually Smogon's, but with a small edit, replaced roost with shadow claw. Mega Charizard X's ability powers up Claw-type moves, so it would be great to carry something for Ghost types. Also, it helps Chesnaught's dual type weakness to both Fire/Flying types.







  • Adamant


144 HP/252 Attack/112 Speed




Move 1

Move 2

Move 3

Move 4

  • Shadow Claw
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There's no real reason to run Shadow Claw on Mega Charizard X. You're sacrificing Charizard's bulk and longevity with Roost for redundant coverage, which Charizard gets through its Fire/Dragon STAB combination. The only two Pokemon that give you issues are Azumarill and Mega Altaria, and Shadow Claw doesn't really offer anything against those two. Even against Ghost types, you're still hitting them hard with Flare Blitz anyhow.


Anyhow, if we do go for Mega Charizard X, using an EV spread of 104 HP / 220 Attack / 184 Speed with Jolly would be more beneficial in the long run; it prevents you from being outsped by Mega Lopunny, Mega Sceptile, and Choice Scarf Landorus-Therian after a single Dragon Dance, which are pretty huge threats right now.


In the meantime, I'm going to suggest the following:



Ability: Liquid Ooze / Item: @Black Sludge
Nature: Calm w/ EVs: 240 HP / 252 Sp.Defense / 16 Speed
Moves: Scald / Acid Spray / Rapid Spin / Knock Off or Sludge Bomb


Tentacruel offers a several things as a partner for Chesnaught. First off, it provides entry hazard control without the need to interfere with Chesnaught's Spiking abilities. The most crucial however is type synergy; it handles Clefable with Acid Spray and Sludgebomb, and isn't dead weight against Gengar's spinblocking attempts if it carries Knock Off. Mega Sableye is still a problem, as is Mega Altaria and Mega Metagross (Chesnaught can handle Mega Lopunny). Latios and Latias are also both problems as well.



Current team:



Potential candidates:


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