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Janemba by Shinrashi Released (12/31/2014)

Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN

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Mirror Link : http://www.4shared.com/rar/lqxlL3zQba/BaJanembaJ-DBZ.html?



I'm surprise Shinrashi also made Dragon Ball characters. He usually made Naruto characters before. This Janemba is not bad, movelist is pretty much like the other characters made by Shinrashi. Sprite was really nice, compare to the existing Janemba in mugen so far.

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He must have taken the spritesheet I uploaded, heheheh...

No, the sprites are not mine. This was a character MugenGenerations was working on privately, but it never saw the light of the day.

So I uploaded them since they didn't work on it for years.


Let me download this, I'll give feedback shortly.



- missing required sprites (when I see "blank" sprites I consider them missing); weird thing is that it has the get hit sprites, but I guess he (the author) must be lazy;

- missing portraits;

- you can shoot as many ki blasts as you want, disregarding the amount of power it has;

- the ki blasts have shadow;

- you can perform a silly infinite by spamming ki blasts;

- no crouch attacks;

- a weird hitsound for the only aerial attack available;

- the hitsound and hitspark play even when guarding (there should be ONLY the guardspark and the guardsound);

- you can easily pull off infinites by using the basic attacks with timing; just don't finish the combos!

- full-screen supermove!


(this is not the only one)

Why is it full-screen if it becomes smaller and thinner?!?

- let me describe how to play this character:


a,b and x are the attacks, y is the ki blast and c is the aura charge;


nothing at all!


a,b,c are the same kick attack.


It doesn't make freaking sense!

- some supermoves whiff and don't hit the enemy as intended, or are so easy to avoid there's not even a reason to use it, while others are very strong and fast (especially the one in the screenshot);

bad, terrible. :(

This character feels so "random".

gonna check which sauce of gameplay he Got.

What the heck does that even mean? Sauce?

Maybe you mean "source" and even with that I still cannot understand what you're saying.

There's no source. This character doesn't play like anything, it's "randomly bad".

eh not bad spritewise does even has the proportions right imo

It was started as a Cell sprite-edit.
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I always give feedback to support my points (why a character is bad or good), you can't go wrong with me.

Now I wonder if his other characters have the same mistakes as this one as. But I'm afraid to check. I can bet the missing required sprites problem is present in all characters though.

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